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Tiffany Evans

I love this idea.
It's sad but true, as a 30-something ticket buyer and audience member, I am now a member of the multi-tasking public. I would welcome any chance to be willing to share my musical experience via twitter, facebook, etc. I think that specifying an area of seats is crucial to not upset other patrons, however, I do feel that even if the seats were out of the way, many older patrons would still be angry with the idea of people using their mobile devices during a live performance.

I would be intersted in hearing from the CSO on how this experience was accepted by their 30-45 year old subscribers.

John Marcher

I'll take the opposite side of the argument and call the idea bullshit- not out of anger, but I just think it's a ridiculous and silly gimmick. Exactly who is the audience that is going to be lured to the concert hall just because they can tweet during a concert?

Why not make it more interesting and pitch completely private boxes where you can have sex in the hall while the orchestra plays "Scheherezade" or "Bolero," with no one else being the wiser- for a substantial premium, of course.

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