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Christine Brewer

I was so happy to see that Helen Traubel sang on the Celebrity Series back in 1942 and also very interested to see that some of her repertoire and mine overlapped! I never heard Helen Traubel sing as she was before my time, but my mother heard her sing a recital back in the 1950's when my mom was in high school. And my first voice teacher at McKendree College (Lebanon, IL) also heard her when he was a young man. He would hear some of these songs like LaForge's "Hills" and would buy the sheet music for them and teach them to his students. He taught me many of the songs that Traubel sang. And when he passed away a couple of years ago, he left me all of his vocal scores, so I have all of these gems of which many are out of print now.

I've actually made a recording of what I call "Echoes of Nightingales" which include songs that Helen Traubel, Kirsten Flagstad, Eileen Farrell and Eleanor Steber sang in their recital tours in the 1940's - 1960's. Roger Vignoles and I recorded about 20 of these lovely songs in London last year for Hyperion. Roger and I are doing a recital at Wigmore on January 28 highlighting many of these songs and the new disc will come out in February!


Jack Wright

Lovely to hear from you, Christine!

I love connections like yours with Helen Traubel and the Celebrity Series. I find historical continuity like this thrilling to contemplate whenever I find it, and your connection was especially nice to learn about as it was so immediate and personal. Thank you for a wonderful recital and for adding to this post!



Christine, I stumbled on this page, whilst I was researching Helen Trauble. My Grt G-ma has in her collection amongst many) a Columbia Masterworks record copyright 1949 ml 4221 nonbreakable
helen traubel, soprano,
with Coenrad Bos, piano
helen traubel soprano
with orchestra conducted by Charles O'Connell
In your research have you ever come across this record, as I cannot find any info on it anywhere.

Its a little unusual, as it is out of her genre.
Looking forward to your input. Thanks Kelly

Christine Brewer

Dear Kelly,
I'm sorry that I'm just now responding to your post ... I haven't come across the recording that you mentioned. I'm sure it is beautiful, even though not what we normally think of when we think of Helen Traubel!


pembe maske fiyat

St. Louis, Helen Traubel. Brewer herself mentioned Traubel, but it was Mr. Dyer who made the comparison and got this writer thinking...

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